First 14-inch Alone significantly super-pole Samsung 530U4B evaluation

14 inches, discrete graphics, optical drive, seemingly with the ultra-pole of this out of tune with words, but be reflected in Samsung 530U4B body 11. To be honest, when editing the first time to see this product, it is difficult to contact with the concept of “super pole”. Quite some addition to the appearance of the super pole this look outside it slightly heavy body, the only significant labeling on the wrist rest, the right side of the drive, so I mistakenly thought it is a dressed ultra-pole of this shell traditional notebook.

However, when we put it on the electronic scales weighing after, when we see it-processor configuration, we found that Samsung 530U4B perhaps the beginning of the coexistence of ultra-pole of this polymorphous. Samsung 530U4B the biggest difference with the traditional notebook, a 14-inch notebook, but the weight of only 1.77kg, which is the traditional 14-inch notebook can not match the long-cherished wish.

Samsung 530U4B evaluation

Compared with 13 inches 530U3B before our evaluation, 530U4B although with the former in the mold is very similar, but both are in walking on two completely different path. Former is thin and light portable, practical, performance is ultra-pole of this most primitive definition of the reduction; while the latter is more domineering, discrete graphics, 14-inch thick body design, optical drives, a variety of interfaces ranging characteristics. Although separated from the ultra-pole of the original definition, but only 1.77kg of weight hastily threw it back to the super pole ranks to become the “alternative” in the ultra-pole of this family outside. However, today’s alternative is perhaps the mainstream of tomorrow.

Now, through this evaluation to look at this slightly “alternative” super pole of this, and its graphics performance? 14 inches mold it bring? What are the features worth our attention? All the answers will be reflected in this evaluation.

Products: 530U4B-S01 Samsung notebook computer designs: matte metal simple atmospheric

Brushed metal shell simple atmospheric

Samsung users favorite, a large part of its excellent design. Japanese manufacturers like Samsung can always walk in the forefront of fashion, art digital products to build the large, more importantly, the soft lines of these products more in line with our aesthetic ideas.

Today, the public is more willing to accept the simple and elegant design, and full of a sense of quality of products, Samsung 530U ultra-pole is one of the representatives of. Silver metal texture mold, together with the highlight to the matte surface of the minimalist style is the most popular design style. However, simplicity does not equal the simple details of the office, we can see that this is a very sincere product.

Matte texture of the metal roof

The metal material is super very general application, which is closely linked with this super-positioning and ideas. Samsung 530U roof optional matte magnesium alloy material is definitely regarded as a wise choice, reinforced body also does not leave obvious traces of fingerprints. From the hands of the Samsung laptop and more emphasis on the shaping in the shape of 530U is certainly no exception.

Roof stamping “SAMSUNG” LOGO

The logo not only on behalf of a product’s identity, but also through its own shape for the overall design of the machine to be decorated. The 530U roof part of the SAMSUNG “LOGO is the best embodiment of the stamping process of the simple word” SAMSUNG “solidified in the top cover left side of the middle position, a smooth surface in the sunlight refracts a dazzling colors.

14-inch matte LCD

In order to meet different user needs, Samsung ultra-pole 530U is divided into 13 inches of 530U3B and 14 inches 530U4B two sizes, before our 13-inch models have already done the evaluation, this product is 14 inches the 530U4B, it uses a 14-inch matte display with a resolution of 1366 × 768. The advantage of matte display, even if the light is strong place, the visual experience will not be reflective of interference, which is much better than the glossy screen.

Top cover set the bulge user-friendly opening and closing

In the middle of the edge of the top cover front-end design has a convex part of the user to take advantage of this part can easily set off a roof, at the same time, raised the volume and designed, which guarantees the fashion sense of the machine. After all, if the design is relatively large, then give people the “old fashioned” feel.

Side is still relatively slim

From the side of the fuselage, 530U4B compared with 530U3B thick, but compared to ordinary notebooks is quite slim. Of course, increasing the VGA after the RJ-45 of these interfaces, you want to allow the body to become more slim, no doubt it is difficult to do things, after all, the volume of the interface in that. However, although the thickness of the body up, and gave users a great convenience.

Product: 530U4B-S01 Samsung notebook computer appearance design: thoughtful English a key switch

Intimate in English a key switch

The notebook keyboard we usually contact area, the keyboard overall layout and feel is particularly important. With other ultra-pole of this keyboard is similar to the Samsung 530U keyboard surface is also very refreshing addition to the power button in the upper right corner, without adding the extra shortcut keys. In addition, placed above the keyboard grid notebook stereo speakers, while the bottom of the keyboard to the trackpad and palm rest, leaving a greater use of area.

C side of the overall layout

Chocolate keyboard to highlight the shape of fashion, avant-garde temperament, but the key feel is not satisfactory, and good 530U4B body design is relatively thick, compared to those ultra-slim design for the pole this can not counted as well, but at least the keys feel a certain assurance.

The chocolate buttons of the regular

A key switch in English

Samsung notebook an embodiment of heart in keyboard design, is set in English switch key, it can be said that the unique design notebook computers, users need only the right of the spacebar Chinese / EN “key. input switching can be achieved in English, no need to use the key combination to achieve, although this may seem not seem like much, but it can be seen that the vendor is in the heart of a product.

Thermal windows hidden

Super very emergence of, and let hidden thermal windows pop up, and even some products have thermal windows completely made of hidden from the surface does not look like the thermal windows design. Samsung 530U4B select the hybrid design of the thermal windows, the bottom of the distribution of apparent thermal windows at the bottom of the screen along with the body at the junction, the design of a hidden thermal windows.

Above the wrist rest the left side with a microphone

Wrist rest left side of the function indicator

Wrist rest part of the many small details of the design, such as the left side of the wrist rest at the design of the microphone is also designed with function indicator, including the wireless network, hard drive status, power and other common features light blue boot backlight.

The spacious and comfortable touchpad

When it comes to notebook touchpad, this can replace the mouse parts although we usually do not rely entirely on it, but the mobile office is particularly important. Samsung 530U touchpad area designed to be relatively well-off, and including the metal strips in the edge of the mosaic. With large-size touch pad to bring more convenience to the user. Is worth mentioning that the aircraft touch keys feel light percussion sound more crisp and obvious sense of feedback, the actual feeling of pressing practical and accurate.

Product: 530U4B-S01 Samsung notebook computer interface design: CD-ROM / VGA/RJ-45 are a lot of

CD-ROM / VGA/RJ-45 are a lot of

Slim body and 530U3B, 530U4B fuselage obviously thick lot, although this affect the overall weight control, but the practical aspects of the interface balance. And also to leave enough space for the CD-ROM, in which the right side of the interface contains a card reader, a USB 2.0 interface and a safety lock, and also equipped with a DVD burner.

Order to ensure the body thin and light portable, but also to have sufficient interface configuration, presumably no small challenge to the designers, in particular, is to solve the problem of the notebook interface layout, on the one hand, to meet the basic input and output requirements, but also to take into account the thickness of the fuselage, these two aspects do good balance, really need to go through the pages of thoughtful consideration.

Equipped with a DVD burner right side of the body

The left side of the fuselage configured with two USB 3.0 interface

The left side of the fuselage is very rich interface configuration, including the power jack, RJ-45 Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI interface and a headset microphone jack. From the configuration point of view, comparable with a regular laptop. In addition, 530U4B to provide users with two USB 3.0 interface, this look is very “luxury”.

Equipped with two USB 3.0 is quite “luxury”

RJ-45 Ethernet port through a special design

The thickness of the crystal head of a cable is 8mm, and a standard VGA connector for 9.3mm thick, is well known that these two essential interface thickness is fixed and immutable, so deal with this problem is necessary to propose a new solution, which is why some super pole this directly to abandon the reasons of these two interfaces.

For Samsung 530U4B cable interface with novel activities bayonet design, the VGA port is not as 530U3B Mini-interface design, but its design on the slopes of the side of the fuselage, so that makes the body thickness has been effectively controlled. However, after the actual test found that the activities under the buckle of the Ethernet interface looks relatively thin, long-term use in the access network line, the recommended plug should be careful to avoid its break.

Products: 530U4B-S01 Samsung laptop mobile performance: 14 inches weighs only 1.775 kg

14 inches weighs only 1.775 kg

For the ordinary 14-inch notebook computer, body weight control in even 2.2kg is relatively light, but the Samsung 530U4B controlled at below 2kg, electronic scales to weigh, you can see, this machine with battery weighs only 1.775kg, the travel weight of only 2.13kg, to ensure the size of the screen at the same time, they can be relatively light, which is the Samsung 530U4B commendable.

Machine with a battery weight of: 1.775kg the whole travel weight: 2.130kg

In terms of thermal performance tests, we used FurMark software allows this machine to run in the high load condition, after about an hour’s time, the processor temperature rising to 75 ° C core temperature reached 71 ° C and 68 ° C by the Therefore, the use of low-voltage processors, the heat of the ultra-pole of this component is not coupled with the auxiliary cooling of the cooling system, although the body slim a lot, but its internal temperature is not very high.

Internal hardware temperature sensing

Surface C and D surface thermal analysis (Click picture to see clearly to enlarge)

Thermal imaging devices, the surface temperature of the test surface of body C and D surface. Among them, the keyboard part in contact with the user frequently a maximum temperature of about 46 ℃, the highest temperature of the bottom of the fuselage is about 34 ℃. From the heat maps, we can see the red area the highest temperature for the surface of the keyboard, the red areas are concentrated in the left of the keyboard, while the bottom is concentrated in the part of the thermal windows. Part of the heat source of the right side of the wrist rest and touchpad, so when in use is still relatively cool.

Product: 530U4B-S01 Samsung notebook computer performance evaluation: with the HD 7550M discrete graphics

Equipped with HD 7550M discrete graphics

Ultra-pole of this due to space constraints of the fuselage configuration with significant independence has become the biggest problem with heat, after all, for such a slim products, or the most intractable problems, but 530U4B uses a 14-inch mold, larger space to make it With the placement of the possibility of an independent graphics card. Below, we take a look at 530U4B the overall configuration and performance.

Hardware configuration information at a glance

From the detection of AIDA, 64-Samsung 530U4B configured Intel Core i5 2467M low-voltage processor, Intel HM65 chipset, 4GB DDR3 RAM, equipped with a 500GB hard drive and 16GB the SSD used in AMD Radeon HD 7550M discrete graphics is its biggest the highlights, which also to let 530U4B became the first equipped with discrete graphics, super pole this.

Processor information at a glance

Intel Core i5 2467M low-voltage processor power consumption is only 17W, the initial frequency of 1.6GHz, Turbo Boost up to 2.3GHz with 3MB of L3 cache, 32nm process technology, design, we CINEBENCH R10 its performance tested from the results, its single-core score of 3541 points, a dual-core score of 7037 points, with conventional voltage the same level of processor performance gap, but its performance is satisfactory.

Processor performance test

Samsung 530U4B 16GB SSD plus 500GB HDD with the former is mainly used as a systems and software cache disk can effectively enhance the switch machine speed, the software running speed, but after all, can not be directly installed on the SSD speed. 500GB HDD HD Tune performance test, the maximum read rate of 113.8MB/s, a minimum of 52.4MB/s, 22 ms access time.

Hard disk performance test

With AMD Radeon ™ HD 7550M discrete graphics card is definitely 530U4B super pole the biggest thing, although this card performance can not say how strong, but we’ve tested, its graphics performance score of 15854 points, with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M significant independence performance less mainstream games and online games to run smoothly.

Graphics performance test

Machine hardware performance tests

Finally, we use PCMark Vantage on its overall performance was tested in each individual test, communication is still the highest score, the music, games, productivity and entertainment, office-related tests are performed well, more than 4,000 points , while its overall performance score of 5540 points For the purposes of an ultra-pole of this, this score is very good, whether it is office, entertainment to have a smooth experience, coupled with a lightweight body, can be described as is a true mobile platform.

Evaluation Summary: The Samsung 530U4B can be said is the first equipped with discrete graphics, ultra-pole of the first 14 inches of mold in this computer, although in the near future there will be vendors have introduced products of the same specifications, but Samsung has been the first step to supplement this children gaps in the market. However, this also makes this product are very different in terms of price and 530U3B, the price of 8399 yuan do not know whether to be recognized by users.

But put aside the factor of price point of view, still very sincerity of a 530U4B, some details on the body design and configuration on the head start, show the Samsung ultra-pole, this placed the expectations for this. After we look at the actual test, significant independence super pole facing the heat dissipation problem has also been a good solution.

Overall, the Samsung 530U4B although more like a “super-pole to the traditional laptops, but we no harm to it as the beginning of the ultra-pole of this diverse forms of it?

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